Eleventh Candle Co.

Seasonal Package Design

Eleventh Candle Co. is a social enterprise in Columbus, Ohio, partnering with Legacy to redeem, restore, empower, and equip those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and addiction. This company is devoted to lifting up women everywhere and has a long list of values to uphold this priority. This seasonal package design is intended to apply the Eleventh Candle Co. values through a unique Mother's Day gift packaging experience.

Graphic Designer

Concepted and designed the seasonal gift and its packaging, keeping in mind the size of the company and how they produce their candles


Eleventh Candle Co. needed a product that would stand out from competitors and still be within their reach as a small handmade candle company.


The goal of this project was to apply the empowering mission and values of the company to mothers through a customized and unique gift package experience.


This Mother’s Day gift set design takes the empowering message behind Eleventh Candle Co. and increases its reach. The customer selects three Eleventh Candle Co. values, in the form of candle scents, that they feel represent their mother. These three values come packaged in an elegant and feminine set with visuals and words to make their mom feel appreciated. However, it is more than a box of custom selected candles—the purchase of this gift set feeds a child in need for an entire month. This set represents the beauty and strength of motherhood, the power of expressing appreciation, and the global impact of each Eleventh Candle Co. order.


This package design is simple, clean, and feminine. The angles of the box are depicting the strength and steadfastness required of women for motherhood. The light, watercolor floral elements soften the sharp edges. An overall clean design enables moms with different styles to reuse the packaging and feel special every time they reuse it. The individual candle boxes share the same clean lines and floral touches, with an emphasis on the values associated with each candle scent. The custom card that comes inside the box makes this gift set personal and explains the social impact of the profits from this box.

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